Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Look 6097

Blogging is interesting for me, it makes me take photos of myself.   I have discovered, I liked my hair longer...and I don't look as bad as I think I do.

New Look 6097
I really like this pattern, ALOT.  In fact, I think I'll be making it again soon out of a solid color.  I love that it has pockets, I love that the wrap doesn't gape open badly so I don't flash the boobs to the world.

What I'd do different.

  • It's a little short, this dress, as you see it is unhemmed.
  • I don't love the belt, I think I could do a wider one.
I would like sleeves I think.
This fabric..I have absolutely no idea where it came from!  It's kind of thin, but cute.

I really have nothing bad to say about this pattern.  I actually wore it to work today, and I don't wear dresses very often.  I have a black cardigan on over it right now, but since our weather is 50 degrees in the mornings and 90 degrees in the afternoon, it will be great!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vogue 1027--Twirly Dress

Vogue 1027
I have had this piece of polyester matte jersey in my stash for awhile.

I had seen several reviews for this pattern on Pattern Review, and thought it might be cute.  The fabric doesn't have quite the amount of stretch that it probably should have for this pattern, but I think it turned out pretty good, considering.

This pattern went together REALLY, really quickly, and it was deemed "really cute" by my teenage daughter.

This pattern takes every inch of three yards, the skirt is cut on the bias, which I'm not sure it needs to be since it's a knit, but I think it helps with the flowiness of the pattern.  

I started cutting this out on Wednesday night around 5pm, and put it on and let it hang overnight by 9:30.  My kind of project.

I'll definitely sew it again, I would like to make one for my daughter, with about 10 inches removed from the length in a simple black knit with the appropriate amount of stretch, and I'd like to make another one for me in a black, just like this one, but again, with the 2 way stretch.

I'm really thinking of sewing through all of the DKNY Patterns, they seem to all work so well!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Glitz before six!! Vogue 1306, that is....

I was at Hancock one day over the summer with my husband and daughter, and for some reason this lightweight, gold knit caught my eye.    I checked the price on the end of the bolt, $1.97...and decided it was coming home with me.  

The fabric is some kind of nylon, lurex blend, and I've actually washed and dried it several times since I've made this top, and it washes just fine.   I wore it quote a bit this summer, and I finally remembered to get someone to snap a picture of me when I was headed out the door.   I wore it mostly with white pants, but since it's after Labor Day..(Gasp!!)  I paired it with a denim pencil skirt.

Isn't it funny how looking at a picture makes you re-evaluate the outfit?? I need a tan...

Anyhow..I liked this pattern, I think I cut the 20, and it's a little big, it doesn't quite hug my body like in the picture, so maybe I'd re-size if I made it again.  I like the drape of the soft gathers under the bustline, and the mullet hem (shorter in front, longer in back)  I opted to not hem this top at all, I felt like it would make a bulky line at the hem, and on the sleeves, I rolled them and tacked them up.  The v opening is nice, but the knit was a little slippery and I ended up making a little square placket to cover the end.

The fabric is sheer, hence the cami.  I might try this top again in a more stable knit, or maybe even a woven gauze type fabric.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Collette Sorbetto top

My first Collette Sorbetto
Because what the heck kind of blogger would I be if I hadn't made this top yet??  I actually made this a couple of months ago.  Since returning to sewing, I had been unaware of downloadable patterns.  After seeing this top on pattern review and in the Best Patterns of 2011 article, I had to try it.  So I downloaded and printed the pattern...from Collette Patterns blog and cut it out, taped it together, and off I went.  I made one version out of a vertically pleated silky fabric that I'd had in my stash for quite a while.  It was a wadder (I really need to do a giant post with wadders, I'm starting to feel better about just chucking them though)   I had eyed this blue/white silky shantung for quite awhile at Jo-Ann, and when I spied a remnant for about $2.00 I grabbed it, not know what I'd do with it.  I had considered a skirt...but when I saw the pattern pieces and the fabric was 58", figured I could squeeze it out.

After looking at the photo, the next version will have about 2 inches added to the length, and I'm going to lower the dart and angle it upwards a bit.  From other reviews I've read, this is a common adjustment.

Here's my review from Pattern Review

 Pattern Description: The most popular free pattern in all of the land!!
 Pattern Sizing: 00-22? It seems to run a little big, I cut the 22 and cut several inches off each side. This seems to be an ongoing thing with me...body dismorphic much??
 Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? yes Were the instructions easy to follow? I didn't follow them 
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It is a little short for me, but no problems, I'll be making it again in a longer length soon. 
Fabric Used: This was a remnant piece I bought at Jo-Ann. I have always loved blue and white floral patterns like this for some reason.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I did gathers at the front rather than pleats, my husband does the laundry and wouldn't have wanted to fold/iron those pleats back in place every time he washed it. I also made my own bias tape. In my next version, I'll add a little shape to the sides, because I think the added length might make it a little sack-like without it.
Would you sew it again? Yes!
Would you recommend it to others? Yes! Conclusion: Nice, woven, sleeveless top pattern.

I picked up another remnant of the same fabric the other day, not sure what it is keeping me from actually buying some yardage off the bolt, it's been 50% off for quite awhile.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Out of print- Simplicty pattern, simply sewing for fun..

I've sewn more this year than I have since I actually worked in the industry.  I spent 10 years of my life working for THAT big fabric store, and the first seven, were in the small format store, and I loved to sew when I worked there.  Despite putting in 45+ hours a week, I was still re-charged enough from the creative energy of my customers and the constant flow of new product, that I had the energy to go home and sew countless dresses and clothes for my children after they had gone to sleep and on weekends.    The last three years were spent in a "Super" store, and fulfilled?? not so much.  Cancer brought the blessed end to my career there, and it has taken me a few years, 6, in fact, to be able to sew lots without thinking of "that place"

Let's move on.  I've had this pattern in my stash, for many, many years.    I think I bought it thinking I'd make the cute halter style top.  Didn't happen.  Well, over the weekend, I started on a Vogue dress, turned out to be a wadder (do people blog those?? maybe I should) and still wanted to sew, so I cut this puppy out.  I had the orange fabric in my stash, and opted for view C.   I cut the size 21/22, because I was feeling really bloated that day and was hoping it would fit!  I didn't feel like digging around for some soft silky lining fabric, so I just grabbed a couple of pieces of random cotton from my stash (these were from the estate sale of a fabric collector- bless her)  and used them instead.  There wasn't enough of one fabric, so the front lining is one fabric and the back is another.... that's just how I roll.    Anyway, turns out it was plenty big enough! So big, that I took in about 1.5" on each side and still didn't need the zipper.    The shoulders are a little wide, but it actually is kind of a cute top.  I can see making it again, but I'd cut the bottom on the bias, and narrow it up a bit in the shoulders.  I liked that it covers my boobage, but is still cool enough for our hot weather.  You can't see it in the picture, but it's a longer length, with slits on the sides.   I cut the shorts pieces out, but haven't tried them yet.   Hmm..changes I made...I was in a hurry to finish it so we could leave to take my daughter to camp, so instead of bias binding the edges, I turned them under and stitched.  Also, as mentioned above, I left out the zipper.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Butterick 5496- So cute my daughter wants one!

Butterick 5496
Butterick 5496 is a Loose-fitting, below hip or mid-thigh length, pullover tunics A, B, C, D have kimono sleeves, neckline variations, sleeve variations, side slits, elastic waistline casing and stitched hems.

Sorry for the light in the picture, it was taken this morning as I was about to head out to work, so I had hubby snap it.

I made view C, because a) I favor a v-neck over the round neck, and b) I'm lazy and it looked like it would go together quickly, and c) I like the seaming down the center.

Fabric: A black chiffon with printed dots in pink and brown that I purchased at SAS Fabrics last spring.  

It is HOT where we live, and until this year, I've never really done a good job of dressing for the heat.    For some reason, sewing with really light weight fabrics seemed quite intimidating, until I read a couple of articles about working with chiffons and georgettes..slippery stuff.  The biggest take aways were to use a machine with even feed (got it) and/or a serger (got that too), cut the fabric out carefully, mark and pin like a crazed woman and just go for it.   I might add my own tip for chiffon....starch the crap out of it when you are pressing washes out, and stabilizes everything to make it easier to sew.

I had the L-XL-XXL envelope, and as I was cutting and caught a glimpse of the finished measurements, thought it might be a little too billowy if I continued with the XL that I was cutting, so I changed gears and cut the L.

I love, love, love the way the neckline is bound first with bias tape, then the front seam is sewn.  Makes for a nice finish.   Also the sleeves have 5 inch slits on the underside, so with a cami, this makes for a nice outfit.

I had a little trouble with the elastic, but it was me, not the pattern.  I think I bought 1/4" black, and after sewing the bias tape on, it was a  little bit small of a channel to put the black thru.  No worries, I just switched to clear and it worked out fine, I think it's more comfortable that way anyhow.

The title of the post comes from my 16 year old daughters reaction when I put it on for her, she said.. "I want one!! That's so cute!!"  which I consider to be my ultimate compliment!

I will definitely be making this again, I have a piece of black bubble gauze that I think would be super comfy, and of course one for the daughter.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pretty as a Peacock..

McCall's 6510  is a cute pattern that I picked up at some pattern sale...(What??? pay 15+ dollars for a pattern?? I think not!!) without really thinking what I would make it out of.  I have seen a lot of this style of top in RTW and wondered if I would like the style.   On a trip to SAS Fabrics one day, this peacock fabric caught my eye.  A close family friend of ours who has now has passed away raised peacocks, so every time I see this fabric, I think of her.

Still need a good shot of me in this top, but here is a link to the fabric.

Pattern Description: Flowy sheer pattern Pattern Sizing: Misses sizes Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes! better! Were the instructions easy to follow? yes, very, very, simple What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? finishing the edges was a little tricky..I used my serger to do a rolled hem Fabric Used: Pink Chiffon Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: none Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? yes, I have a maroon with white polka dots to do this.. Conclusion: I'd definitely make it again. It's very cool and comfortable. I hate doing markings though, so I kind of winged it on the side "seams" and next time I'll be a little more precise, and actually mark the fabric where the seam is supposed to go. :)